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A few weeks ago, I woke up with the idea of doing a service project. There are two projects that I have been brainstorming and which I want to develop. The first, is for patients who struggle with drug addiction and the other is to find a way to help patients who are battling cancer. Determined, I reached out to my former classmates and other students from my healing school, and asked if anyone felt inspired to work with me on this venture. The majority of those who I asked were on board. We have had a few zoom meetings regarding treatment approaches and protocol. We want to make sure that we are following a safe treatment approach. Our goal is to solely help and do no harm. There have been previous concerns about how energy work affects cancer cells. Some believe that it helped immensely, other were afraid that the energy work would make the cancer spread. A double edged sword, worth exploring and investigating fully before embarking on this journey. We have not only researched different avenues, but have also met with former classmates. One of them having multiple years of experience working with this particular demographic. He alone has treated more than 700 cancer patients. We have also met with another graduate with over 20 years of experience and a great success rate treating and helping cancer patients prolong their lives. Last but not least we are working alongside another classmate that has set up a successful cancer treatment facility in South Africa. I have scheduled a meeting with the chairman of the cancer unit at a main hospital near my office. I also have the privilege of knowing a prominent neurosurgeon that is involved in a prestigious university research project studying neural stem cell therapy. Thus we have gathered information from different points of view. Our healing group service project offers treatments for free to those who are interested. Each of us involved is donating 1-2 hours of pro-bono work to help those that are called to work with us in this project. We will offer long distance treatment and healing work for locals & non-locals. Process work is an intrinsic part of our treatment approach. It will help our patients deal with the root of their fear. As well as dissect the other issues that have affected them throughout their lives and might have contributed to the disease itself. Interestingly enough as one starts to explore, the universe gifts us tad bits of information and awareness along the way. Not too long ago, I stumbled upon a docuseries called ‘The Truth About Cancer’. It was released a while ago and at one point was topic of conversation amongst my classmates. I had not focused my attention on it because only when I was truly ready to absorb the information it had to offer did I realize the importance of this series. The series has nine episodes and I have seen six, so far. Much of the information already makes so much sense and I believe soon we can implement some of the material in our treatment approach. I’m excited to see how we can help improve our patient quality of life. For example, we have all heard countless times the important role nutrition plays when improving the health for this particular population. It has been discovered that many of the artificial sweeteners such as, aspartame and sucralose, contained in diet sodas are in fact cancer producers. Those same chemicals found in diet sodas will also cause weight gain. Therefore, if you want to lose weight and decrease your chances of consuming cancer-generating products, avoid diet sodas all together. Sugar, which we all love, is another deal breaker due to the non-natural way sugar is mass-produced. In early days sugar was obtained directly from sugarcane, thus it allowed the body to digest and process accordingly. However today the modifications of natural products such as sugar result non-natural sweeteners that do more harm than good. An important recommendation for cancer patients is to avoid sugar, especially after undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment. If you feel drained and need a pick me up opt for nature’s natural sugar. Apples and pears are perfect examples of a great sugar replacement. Many of us don’t know that soy is also harmful. A new study indicates that soy can also lead to cancer. Increasing consumption of fruits, green, red, and sprout vegetables like broccoli are great substitutions. The more color on your plate the better. Juicing and detoxing is also recommended. If you have further questions about specific food intake, consult a dietitian for better understanding and guidance on this subject. There are other treatment procedures that I will be implementing in my treatment protocol based on the guidance and research that I have acquired. For example, in the docuseries I mentioned before as well as in the now published Northwestern Med stem cell research, they speak of the importance that stem cells have when fighting cancer. As an energy healer we can establish a connection with the stem cells and guide them towards the fighting of cancerous cells. Another important fact they mention is when the immune system suffers, one is more prone to developing not only infections but cancer as well. Working directly with the immune system to strengthen it and deliver the specific antigen that the immune system needs will be imperative. CranioSacral work with the immune response can be beneficial in many cases. In the docuseries, they mention the use of sound healing with a specific healing frequency that targets cancer cells. In our office, we have a device called Music of the Plants. It is believed that this device can transmit the precise healing frequency for care. My intention when I first bought ‘Music of the plants’ was to use it for group healings with cancer patients. Now I plan to use it during group sessions as well as individual sessions. For those therapists that do not own this device they can substitute it with the use of sound bowls, and other sound devices to achieve the desired healing frequency. Do you know that fear and stress can also lead to cancer? During our therapy sessions we will target these two elements as well. Stress can be released with meditation, Yoga, Pilates, journaling, and activities that the patients enjoy. Fears can be targeted with personal and group process work. Identifying the root of the problem with family constellation work can also be beneficial. Including myofascial work and soft tissue mobilization can provide release of stress, fascia restriction and pain. This modality has proven to have positive outcomes with other conditions in the past. The use of aromatherapy and essential oils has helped a great number of patients. Several patients have experienced positive outcomes from the use of Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Clove. I believe this integrative treatment approach can be a useful protocol to follow with cancer patients. I am looking forward to incorporating it in my practice and sharing it with my fellow classmates as well as the healing community and seeing what type of result we develop. After all, knowledge, a great treatment protocol, positive thinking, an open heart, willingness to help and the perfect place to find comfort, can provide respite to those suffering from this terrible but not invincible disease.