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Do you know that which sits in the past unresolved affects your life?
Have you experienced a very painful or traumatic event in your life? Have you dealt with the distress of this experience or have you instead pushed this event down into your subconscious to repress the intensity of it?  Oftentimes, those that have gone through great trauma or pain may believe that if they push that experience deep within, it will be forgotten, however, this strategy seldom works.

When you try to resist something painful, you often extend the very pain you’re trying to avoid.  Doing so is a prescription for continued suffering.  You are likely to keep repeating your subconscious patterns until you bring them into the light of awareness.  Whatever is too difficult to process does not fade away on its own but rather, is stored in your subconscious.  It will show up in words, gestures and behaviors.  Even if you can’t speak about it because of the intensity of the trauma, nothing is lost; the pieces have just been re-routed.

It is human nature when the pain is too great to try to avoid it.  Yet when you block the feeling you are unknowingly stunting the necessary healing process; thus you are preventing your body from achieving a natural release.  In order to process trauma is often helpful to have a direct experience of the feelings and sensations that have been submerged in the body.  An intellectual understanding by itself is rarely enough for a lasting shift to occur.

Do you know that there are aches and pains that you may be suffering from which are directly related to past traumatic events and experiences?  You may believe that you have process those experiences, but your body may be telling a completely different story. Often, the awareness of the experience needs to be accompanied by a deeply felt visceral experience.  Having this type of experience allows the body to fully process it and is able to let go of the emotional hold that has been present for so long in the fascia, organ and tissues.

Does this feel familiar to you? Is there a particular event or painful experience that you have not fully viscerally released? Do you want to finally let go of the pain that is affecting your life?

Is there a subconscious feeling that is dragging you down? Do you want to finally cut ties with the past and move to a better and brighter tomorrow?

Then join us on a powerful transformational and life changing retreat this October.

Embark on a journey that will help you let go, relax, renew and rebuild yourself!  We will work together to deal with those experiences that are consciously and/or subconsciously impacting your life; so that you can finally move forward letting go of the pain and obstacles that have stood in your way.