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Yesterday I was having a discussion with a friend who revealed that her daughter was having a baby. She mentioned that it seemed that her daughter was following not only her own footsteps, but her grandmother’s as well. She wished that her daughter would have waited a few years before embarking on the path to motherhood. In retrospect she preferred that she had waited as well. She had struggle throughout her life as a result of being a young mother, and she had wanted a better future for her kids.

But it seemed that life was repeating itself. I wonder why this happens, she quietly said. I looked at her and waited until she was done reflecting. Then she looked up as if waiting for an answer. It was then that I said one reason this happens is due to your family lineage. She looked surprised and I proceeded.
Well, it has been scientifically proven that we inherit past generational patterns from our ancestors. Thus it’s common to behave or go through the same type of experience a family member/s has gone through. One reason this happens is that subconsciously we are trying to resolve issues that were never resolved during their lifetime. As a result we inherit past traumas or life changing experiences that can affect us in our own life and even can be passed down to future generations.

Embarking on a path of self-discovery through family constellation work can provide a wonderful tool to realize why you might keep repeating the same type of patterns in your life. You may discover that some of the same problems you keep struggling with might have its origin in the past. Family constellation workshops can provide you with the tool not only for self-healing but for future generational healing as well.