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Do you know that April is CranioSacral Therapy month? As a craniosacral therapist I’m excited to have the opportunity to bring awareness about this fantastic modality which has helped thousands across the globe. CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on manual therapy that releases tensions as well as restrictions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve overall health.

In honor of what this treatment has done for so many, I want to mention another wonderful use for CranioSacral Therapy, the treatment of the immune system.  An advantage of being treated by a craniosacral therapist is that there are a number of techniques available to the therapist which can be applied at any time depending on the presenting complaint or issue that is taking place within the patient.  One particular techniques is the application of CranioSacral therapy to assist the immune system.

Anyone that it is having immunological issues or complaints can be aided with this treatment approach. The technique is called CranioSacral Therapy and the Immune Response.  This is a more advanced and specific immunological methods that can assist the patient deal with any number of issues that can be affecting the immune system and neighboring structures.

The immune system can be affected by a number of physiological and psychological factors.  Thus tapping into the immune system with the assistance of craniosacral therapy will provide a non-invasive but effective way of counteracting those issues.   The body might be responding negatively and detrimentally to a particular intrusion or any other number of issues.  Thus immune CranioSacral therapy can provide a positive and healing resolution to the overall system and overall well-being of the patient.

What normally happens during this type of session?  The craniosacral therapist will work in conjunction with their intuitive sense to facilitate the health and well-being of the patient on a cellular level. This method is applied in the same gentle way as traditional craniosacral therapy; however, the therapist will be in direct contact with the immune system targeting the specific organs or systems involved.  With gentle communication with the internal structure, the therapist will tap in and tune in into the tissues; organs; cells or molecules providing the assistance needed at that specific time.

The effectiveness of this type of treatment from a practitioner’s point of view it’s that there’s a combination of trust with the blending of the patient’s consciousness and cellular awareness. It has been found that when touch is intentioned, the craniosacral system is accessed and the consciousness energy field of the patient and therapist are blended; as a result almost any kind of healing can take place. Thus as a treating therapist I will be facilitating the healing response to happen rather than making therapeutic decision on my own accord.  The patient’s immunological system knows what it needs, and if there’s trust on her/his part the appropriate healing response can then take place.

If you would like to receive more information about CranioSacral Therapy or to schedule an appointment do not hesitate to contact us.