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wounded childThe idealized self image of ourselves, will cause us to go through life thinking or feeling like we need to act or behave a certain way just to fit in, to please others or to feel happy with ourselves.  In turn it propels us forward into an abyss of never achieving that which we yearn for, our true essence, our true self.  Instead we become bombarded by what ifs, never really feeling completely satisfied no matter how hard we try or how many accomplishments we have.  Somehow, it always seems that there’s something that eludes us, as continue to strive towards it; not really sure what it is that we are striving for.

Life in turn becomes a yearning for something; for more; for completion; for self-realization; for love.  However, that something that eludes us, is still laying there, just out of reach.  Laying there by years of having forgotten who we really are. Just laying there with the wounded child who at one point, long ago, felt that he was not good enough and his needs were never really met.