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Yesterday was quite the day.  There was excitement and even some fear in the atmosphere.  Everyone was ready for the election to take place.  Some were just ready for it to be over with.  A big number of people were just tired of how dirty this election turned out to be and just wanted it to be done.  So many different things were said back and forth, and many friendships and relationships were ruined because of it.  How many of you could not believe that one of your friends was backing up Hillary or Trump?

The reality of the matter is that for a while, we were a nation divided.  Today on the aftermath, we find a big chunk of people in disbelief while others celebrate.  We are still divided or so it seems.  Emotions have run high at many different times, and today we feel like we are walking around in a zombie like state.  Regardless of whom you voted for or who you supported, today is a day of transition.

Being a minority in more than one count, a woman and an immigrant, it is easy to guess who I was rooting for.  I believe in this great nation of ours which has given us the opportunity to rise and grow beyond hate and discrimination.  I believe that we should stand proud of how far we have come and how much we have conquered through adversity and chaos.  I was sad to see a presidential hopeful that was inciting people to violence, and who had very little regard for minorities as a whole.  What kind of country are we leaving behind for this generation and for future generations such as that of my beautiful four year old little girl? Are those the values and opinions that she will learn from?

But here we are today in the aftermath of this cyclone or so it seems.  As I tossed and turned last night, barely been able to sleep, I realized that I was feeling fear; a huge amount of fear to be exact.  It was the fear of the unknown. There was a fear in the pit of my stomach of having the possibility of seen immigrant families torn apart by the wishes or impositions of our next president.  It was the fear of seeing women being denied the rights to choose what they could or not do with their bodies or not be paid what they deserve at work.  It was the fear of falling back a hundred years with hatred or lack of respect or to loose many of the great things which America has stood for.

Needless to say I didn’t sleep much.  Interesting enough, when I asked my four year old last night who she thought would win the election; her answer was Donald Trump.  I looked at her and asked again in a different way, and once again she said Donald Trump! Somehow she knew and even though I did not want to believe that, I knew that she was right.

I was sad because I wanted her to see that a woman had the opportunity to rise to power and to serve our country in a great way.  I was sad because I wanted to see that women are respected and treated equally, that immigrants and others with disability are treated fairly.  I was sad because in my opinion, the best candidate for the job was not going to have the chance to serve our country in the name of change or in the promise to “Make America Great Again”.

In my humble opinion America is great!  It’s a pretty fantastic country from where I stand.  I have seen and experienced struggle throughout my life, and America has at least given me the chance to be here and to become a professional and to help others.  Coming from a communist regime in where people are either killed or imprisoned from going against the government, this country gives you among other things the freedom to speak your mind and state your point of view without fear of retaliation or of losing your life.

United States of America is a great country which opens its door to all immigrants around the world.  We are a country made of many; a country that gives everyone a chance to start again and to make something of their lives if they chose to do so.  America, a beautiful country, which has a constitution in place, positioned there by our forefathers to ensure that the horrible atrocities that take place in other nations around the globe do not take place here.  America, the great, the land of the free!  United States of America, my country, a place I’m honored to call my home.

Thus today in the aftermath of this intense and insane election, I sit here and contemplate all the issues that kept me up at night and feeling scared.  I realized that a lot of my fear came not only by the things I was hearing Donald Trump say, but the things he was feeling himself.  As an energy healer, one is able to tap into the energy field of others.  This often happens automatically, without trying. As an empathetic it just does. So perhaps could it be possible that we were all in some way or another feeling or reacting to his own fears; his own feelings of inadequacy and inferiority that he was projecting to others.  Or perhaps was it the group fears and inadequacies that were coming up and affecting us all?  Or was it a combination of both?

One theory is that when a person makes fun of others, bashes others and finds faults continuously in the other, that person is taking away from the stuff he is feeling about himself and subconsciously projecting all of that into others.  There might be so much going on inside of that person which he can’t handle.  Thus it is just easy to project to others and as a result that person looks and feels superior.

God knows what happened to Mr. Trump growing up and what type of care or environment he received at home.  We are not here to judge, or to speculate because we will be wrong.  But one thing to notice is that he has been on the reacting/rejection phase throughout this election.  Perhaps is that his inner child is in need of love and attention and by behaving this way; it’s the best way to get it subconsciously.  So now we have a situation in where we can choose to act like him and prove his projection to be true, or we can chose to act differently and come from a place of love, light and understanding.  Yes, it’s not easy to do by any means, but perhaps by realizing this, we can choose differently and maybe help him heal his own wounds by working through our own projections, fears and wounds.

By working together we can rise beyond the hatred, the fight and the projection.  We can help heal each other and indeed heal our nation and perhaps our world.  Let’s choose to continue to give our children love and to treat one another with dignity and respect.  Our basic moral principles begin at home.  Our love for our children and one another is going to help our country move forward in harmony.  By tapping into our hearts and moving from a place of unity, love and understanding, then there’s the possibility that we leave the hatred and bigotry behind thus we can indeed “Make America Great Again”.